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2020 UW Society for Advanced Rocket Propulsion

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2020 UW Society for Advanced Rocket Propulsion

A quick update from us!


Due to HIGH demand, we are doing a FLASH fundraiser that will end in ONE week!

As the design, manufacturing, and building of the rocket has progressed, we have been able to develop a more accurate understanding of the costs that will be incurred for building our NEW liquid bi-propellant rocket this year. So far, we have raised 50k of our 70k. Please help us get there! #helpSARPsoar


The Society for Advanced Rocket Propulsion (SARP) is a team of student engineers at the University of Washington working to give the experience of designing and building rocket to undergraduate students. Every year our goal is to apply engineering fundamentals and theory with hands-on experience to design, construct, and launch an advanced high-powered rocket. 


This past summer, SARP won the overall Spaceport America Cup at the Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition (IREC) in New Mexico. Using a parrafin wax and nitrous oxide hybrid motor, the team's rocket reached nearly 17,000 feet, winning the 30k Student Research and Developed (SRAD) Hybrid or Liquid Motor category after a successful recovery. This was the most successful iteration of this motor -- a design that has been worked on and tweaked since 2009!

Every year, approximately 125 teams from around the world participate in the Spaceport America Cup (SAC) outside Truth or Consequences, NM to launch high powered rockets. The competition is separated into six categories based off of target altitude and motor type: 

  • Target altitude - 10,000 or 30,000 ft. above ground 

  • Motor type - commercial, solid student R&D, and hybrid/liquid student R&D

SARP competes in the most technically rigorous category - 30,000 ft on a hybrid/liquid student R&D with an experimental plasma actuator for the payload. The first year of SAC in 2017, SARP placed second in our category. In the last two years, SARP has placed first in our category and was judges' choice for the overall champions at SAC 2019!

This year, we plan on reinventing the "wheel" for SARP, flying the first liquid motor in the same category, to defend our championship title! This motor will use ethanol and nitrous oxide as propellants, the rocket will carry a helium pressurant tank to continously pressurize the system during flight. Designing this new engine has not been an easy task, to be able to integrate the systems into the existing rocket architecture has required a rework of almost all structural and electrical components on the rocket. To support this effort, a more robust suite of integrated software must be rolled to safely arm, disarm, and launch the rocket. In addition, this year the team will support the second flight of an experimental plasma actuator payload and the first flight of a parafoil with mechanical actuators to control descent during recovery. These are very ambitious goals for our team but we are ready for the challenge!




We are raising funds to cover the cost of the materials and testing for the rocket, as well as to allow as many aspiring rocket engineers to travel to the competition as possible in June. Here is our budget breakdown:

If you are interested in donating to SARP and do not plan to use the donation as a tax-deductible, please email us at! You will still have all the perks related to your tier, just not the tax-deductible benefit.


Your generous donations will directly impact student liquid rocket development, paving the way for the future of spaceflight! Thank you!


If you would like updates on our project, continue checking this page throughout the year and follow our website/social media!

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