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Human Powered Submarine at UW

Human Powered Submarine Team (HPS) is responsible for designing, building, and testing a fully submerged human pedaled submarine. HPS consists of a team of driven students apart of many different engineering disciplines. At the University of Washington, our members work hard to design and manufacture original components, that when synthesized, creates the fastest human powered submarine in the world. HPS praises each individual for their perseverance, time management, communication and creative problem solving skills. Not only do we prepare a submarine, we prepare for the work field.

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Our team competes in two biennial competitions, the International Submarine Races (ISR) in Carderock, Maryland, and the European International Submarine Races (eISR), in Gosport, England. The success of our team has been very prominent in recent years, which we pride ourselves in. Here at UW, we have been the top American team 4 out of the last 6 years. 


HPS at UW started in 1989 at the Applied Physics Laboratory and competed in the first ever human powered submarine races off the coast of Riviera Beach, Florida. Our team has grown substantially in the last 30 years with nearly 60 undergraduate students!

At eISR4 during the summer of 2018, we took home the crown of top two-person submarine, and became the first submarine with two female pilots to cross the finish line. We also successfully implemented an electronic controls system for the first time in team history.

At competition last year, we learned some invaluable lessons and have improved upon them greatly. Although it was not one of our top years, we received several compliments on our safety system and the sleek design of our hull. We pride ourselves on our detailed design reports and have ranked with high scores consistently. Also, our unofficial speed was recorded at 4.8 knots! Everyone is super excited to see how far we've come, but we need your help to get there! 

Each year, over the course of about 30 weeks, the UW Human Powered Submarine Team designs, builds, and tests a human powered submarine for our competition. This year the submarine "Under Dawg" will be seeing its second competition. We have redesigned all it's interior and exterior components while reusing the same carbon fiber hull.


This June we will be attending the European International Submarine Race with our newly modified submarine. We have made updates to almost every system and manufactured all new controls, drive-train, propeller, and fins. Our teams have been working hard to produce a speedy yet controllable submarine for our upcoming races. 

                                          With an "obstacle" style competition ahead of us, control is the name of the game.


This years team budget is $30,000. A portion of the funding comes from the university, primarily through the Department of Mechanical Engineering. Additionally our team raises money through corporate sponsorship from a number of companies in the Puget Sounds area. In order to get the rest of the way we need your help! The pie chart below shows the breakdown of our team expenses for the year. We are looking to raise $10,000 as a goal to cover training divers, materials, testing, competition expenses. 

With many of our members graduating, they will be able to apply what they’ve learned from HPS and excel in any job or higher education they choose to pursue. We will miss our seniors! Hopefully one day you will choose to come back to mentor our ever growing team. Wishing you the best of luck in your endeavors. 

We are glad to be such an important part of our members' education and experience at UW. As we continue to grow as an organization, the Human Powered Submarine team is looking forward to innovative ideas, designs and manufacturing techniques our new and returning members have to offer. 


Please consider donating and supporting the growth of our team! 


Special thanks to our sponsors, past and present 






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This donation will contribute to the cost of materials, like the foam for our safety systems.



This donation will contribute to the cost of apoxy, glues and other attachment materials. Let's keep our sub from falling apart! BONUS: Each team member who raises this amount will be rewarded a HPS sticker.



This donation will contribute to the cost of manufacturing a new hull window.



This donation will contribute to the cost of a new drive train system.



Support a diver to get underwater scientific certified through AAUS.


Carbon Fiber

This donation will contribute to the cost of our new hull. BONUS: For a donation of this magnitude we will add your name or business logo to the hull of the Under Dawg.

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